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Watch Curly's Video

Curly is a low-key, but playful cat who is extremely gentle and affectionate. His hobbies include following his favorite people around for butt scratches, giving them therapeutic tongue baths, and protecting them from dangerous pieces of string.

Here’s what we love most about Curly:
-He gets along great with other cats! Curly isn't territorial or a status-seeker, and he never tries to make trouble with other felines.
-He has excellent manners! Curly has never been known to destroy any furniture and he reliably uses the litter box.
-He’s happy to do what you want to do! Want to play with a cat wand? Great! Want to just settle in for a Netflix night? Curly would love that, too! As long as he can be by your side!
-He's a striking cat, with a muscular build and a unique bobbed tail. You’re sure to fall in love at first sight!

Because Curly avoids conflict with the other cats in his community room, he tends to get lost in the background in a crowd of show stealers. Don’t let his apparent shyness fool you; he is actually very friendly! Will you be the one to give him a forever home and a chance to show his true, loving personality? Come in and meet him today!