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Gizmo, or Gizzy the Great as he is known, came from a loving home that had some unfortunate turn of events. He is a wonderful housemate and has excellent manners. Gizmo is a talker and will likely greet you with lots of chirps. He reserves his rare and special head butt for those of his trusted inner circle. Gizmo is completely in his element when having a round of training games, like touching his nose to a target or giving kitty fist bumps. A feline who fits the bill for "will work for treats!" He can have a tendency to go towards the pleasantly plump side because Gizzy is a foodie!

You'll get a kick out of Gizmo's own brand of playfulness. He enjoys batting around any wayward hair ties he comes across and loves the Turbo scratcher. He cutely made up his own game of pretend and will act all nonchalant if he happens to catch you enjoying his antics at the scratcher. He also has a chill side and is happy to settle in on your windowsill to take in the view. He has been called "achingly handsome," but doesn't let it go to his head! He enjoys the company of other cats and can learn to get along with any feline. In fact, Gizmo is really a cat’s cat. He would be the ideal cat to adopt as a companion to your current cat. He would be a great friend without trying to take his or her place in your affections. He even coexists with dogs in his foster home. Gizmo will be a valued member of your family.