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Jane’s owner found herself in a difficult situation and it tore her apart to give up Jane and felt the only way that Jane can get a proper living situation was to find a new home.

Trust given, trust received. Jane is a very loving dog but it takes time to coax it out of her. She’s a little antsy when in an unfamiliar environment and/or around unfamiliar people. Talking in a soothing, calm voice and manner will open her up and you’ll find her offering her belly for rubs! Her favorite place will be right in your lap!

Ready-made. Jane had a wonderful mom who taught her commands “sit”, “stay”, “paw”, and “lay down”! If you offer treats, she’ll happily learn more! She’s housetrained and baths make her feel refreshed. She good on a leash. She’s good in her crate but it may take a while to settle, especially if she’s in new settings. She loves walking and is great on a leash and also in the car!

Familiar is best. Jane prefers gentle and slow introductions with new people, children, and environments. She doesn’t like having her food, toys, or chews taken away and will bark at another dog that gets too close to her. She’s a little anxious and loud, sudden noises will really scare her, she’ll look to you for reassurance. Jane likes to chew but isn’t destructive, Black Kongs will ensure those jaws remain happy.

Storms are scary. Jane finds thunderstorms scary but isn’t destructive. A nice safe spot, soothing music, and reassurance helps.

Jane is best to a quiet home that is pretty predictable and where she gets to be the only animal in the house. If you can offer consistent love and surroundings, you’re sure to please Jane and receive lots of love from her!