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Imagine being so neglected that you eventually forgot what it felt like to be loved, taken care of, and just simply being happy. Cava was such a friendly dog but she was kept in a crate all day and kept so isolated from the world that she had forgotten how it felt to be truly loved. Because of this, Cava lost of some her trust in people and developed separation anxiety. With the help of Friends For Life, she’s learning that love is still possible and to trust that just because someone leaves the house, she isn’t being abandoned.

The bright side to her story:
* Cava is a wonderful dog with a lot of great qualities everyone wishes their dog came built with. For example, she’s trained. She knows a lot of commands like sit, down, shake, leave it, focus, wait, and stay. Impressive!
* She, understandably, doesn’t like crates but she doesn’t need one! She’s a great indoor dog. Housetrained and just loves to hang out. She’s incredibly laidback at home but since she’s still young, she has random bouts of energy that is hilarious to watch!
* We highly recommend that she find a new home that comes complete with a friendly canine companion for her! It helps her with her anxiety of being left alone.
* Like any well-mannered lady, Cava needs to be formally introduced to someone first before she can start a real friendship. Due to her past experiences, she does need an proper introduction to understand that she can trust the new person or canine. Once that trust is gained she’ll be your BFF.
* Cava has a great smile (look at that picture!) and a very low-key demeanor, making her a very comfortable companion if you’re a fairly laidback person. Plus, she’s so easy to please. Air conditioning, a canine sibling, and balls. Lots of balls.

If you love having a simple companion and just want to give and receive lots of love and care, Cava is truly your canine soul mate. Life is better when you’re with anyone you love that also loves you, whether they’re persons or canines.