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My name is Mia, which I find extremely ironic, considering my situation. You see, Mia is Italian for “Mine” and I’m a homeless dog without much in the way of permanent possessions – I’ve got no home and no family to call my own … Not to be depressing or anything.

I’ve actually got plenty of things to be thankful for! One of which is the fact that I’m going to get adopted really soon. Why am I so confident? Check the list below and see if I’m not the absolute perfect dog for so many people out there!

1. I make an extremely good roommate because of my manners: I’m house- and crate-trained, quiet, and not destructive, even when left alone!

2. I’ve got excellent communication skills, meaning that I let you know when I need to go out by standing by the door.

3. I’m no PhD, but am better educated than the average canine. I graduated from a basic manners class, where I learned sit, down, stay, touch (hand targeting), spot (go to your place), leave it and more!

4. I have impeccable leash manners, and we all know that everyone wants a dog who doesn’t pull on the leash!

5. Even though I love daily walks, honestly, I’d rather be cuddling up next to you in the house. I’m pretty much a homebody.

6. I might be able to live with another dog but I’d need to meet them first. I don’t always like to share things with other dogs. I do prefer them to be on the smaller side. I get a bit uncomfortable wit h bigger dogs.

Are you more of a couch potato than a triathlete? Are you a lover, not a fighter? Do you love dogs with big, goofy ears? If so, you are definitely the one for me, the one I can call ‘mine’ for life!