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Imagine being so special that it takes a special kind of family to understand Zeke and give him what he needs to be happy. Zeke has had a little difficulty finding a forever home, despite the families enjoying and loving him. He simply hasn’t found a great fit just yet!

Mental stimulation must. Zeke requires a lot of energy burning and mental stimulation. He’s an extremely smart dog and needs to have a variety of physical and mental activities or he gets bored easily. When bored, Zeke will get anxious and also may find a handy shoe or other household item to chew on! As a typical dog, he likes spending energy on training, practicing his cues, fetching, walking, jogging, running, chasing birds, and chewing on toys and bones.

Doggie Einstein. Zeke is a very intelligent dog, so smart that he knows how to get out of a crate! He’s also highly trained, knows sit, lay, stay, touch and will happily do them when there’s a treat or lots of petting for a reward!

Socially Awkward. Being a genius Zeke can be that nerd that is socially awkward with other dogs. He needs a gentle and gradual introduction to other dogs or he gets too overexcited and doesn’t always mind his doggie manners. He’s working on it, though!

Zeke is best in a home with a family that has a big backyard, is very active (he loves kids!), and spends a lot of time expending energy. He will do best if he has something to do (maybe search and rescue?) to keep him stimulated and happy to do something for society. Give him a job or have him be super active with you!