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Watch Zeke's Video

We won’t bore you with mundane facts about Zeke. Yes, he’s friendly, housetrained, good with small kids, and can be left home alone with your valuables, but we’re sure you want to get a more in-depth story about this eligible bachelor.

The inside scoop about Zeke:

* He enjoys long romantic walks (or runs) on the beach, in the park, or just about anywhere you want to go! Zeke’s kind of a fitness buff, but he won’t give you trouble for missing the occasional workout.

* He may look like the strong, silent type, but he’s a sensitive soul. He would love to find a human partner who is also gentle and enjoys positive reinforcement-based training. He already knows how to Sit, Down, Stay, Look, Touch, and other tricks. He even knows how to ring a bell for treats!

* Zeke knows how to treat a lady (or gentleman)! He would rather lie down somewhere out of the way, rather than be underfoot when you are cooking or dining. He also sits and waits before released to go outside, so no door dashing from this well-mannered pup!

* Aside from the occasional majestic call to arms, Zeke is quiet indoors – even in an apartment! He saves his golden tone for when potential invaders are at the door.

* Attention late risers: Zeke can sleep in! He’ll stay in bed until you are ready to get up and even gives you some time to get dressed, so you don’t have to take him out in your pajamas.

* Zeke could be a great companion for a playful dog, but he may need to meet them more than once before agreeing to cohabitate. He was isolated from other dogs during the critical first year of his life and can be easily intimidated by other canines. Mind you, he does live happily with a doggie foster sister right now!

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, the occasional face lick, and gentle (dog) parenting, Zeke could be the ideal match for you! Make an appointment to meet him today and we’re sure you’ll fall in love!