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Welcome to the Palmarosa! This little western kitty has thing for toys and is just waiting for you to draw the ole stick and string mouse out so she can send it packing. She has an upbeat personality and likes her moving prey fast. Just slide that mouse in front of her saloon and miss kitty will descend the bannister and lock on target! But really she is a gentle player; it’s your company that makes her tick.

Palmarosa likes people and sometimes gentle petting but needs time to get comfortable and acclimated to her environment and person or she can be wary of hands (probably due to having one eye). She doesn’t like being picked up, but is extremely polite (never sniffs your food), is well-mannered, and is highly intelligent (she’s even clicker trained). For someone who likes having friendly company, without all the heavy contact, she's a beautiful, lightly chatty, charming, smart, and spunky delight to have around. We also think she may do best with someone who’s home often or who may already have another cat.

Are your high plains getting lonely? Come into town and take a look at our sweet girl!