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When Milo was dumped in a vacant lot, he’d had minimal pleasant contact with humans. In fact, whenever anyone lay hands on him, he’d cry out in fear. So scared of anyone reaching for him, it was nearly impossible to put a collar or harness on him.

After some time with a patient foster mom and gentle behavior therapy, Milo now adores physical affection. He has learned to look forward putting his harness on to go for walks. He even enjoys chase games and training, and already knows quite a few commands.

Here are a few must-know facts about Milo:
-He is comfortable being left in a crate when home alone. He is also generally well-behaved and not destructive, even when left uncrated at home.
-He does enjoy romping with dog friends, but prefers monogamy in his relationship with his human, so should be an only dog.
-Milo is extremely affectionate, and loves sharing kisses and cuddles. He is a fabulous lap dog and foot warmer, in the cold months.
-Milo is still recovering from the effects of his difficult puppyhood and is at times fearful of the unknown, including new people and dogs. He would do best in a quiet home in a quiet neighborhood. He does have the support of Friends For Life’s Behavior Department at his disposal for the rest of his life, at no cost.

Milo’s been through so much and is ready to find his rags to riches happy ending. He’s come so far, learning to love out of the depths of his fear. Will you be the one to reassure him that he’ll never be thrown away again?