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Watch Casanova's Video

The name says it all: This dog is a lover, through and through. He might look a bit tough, but this cuddly guy is actually a marshmallow in dog’s clothing – squishy, squashy, and twice as sweet. He’s one of those natural people pleasers and will do anything he can to earn a smile, a kind word, and a massage.

Here are a few more of Casanova’s qualities that we’re sure you’ll love:

* The quintessential housedog, Casanova is 100% housetrained, crate-trained and generally quiet, even when left home alone.
* Baths?? Shots?? No problem! This dog is completely trusting of people and comfortable being handled.
* He’s nice AND smart, too! Casanova loves training and already knows quite a few commands, including Sit, Down, Relax, Touch, Let’s Go, and Look.
* Aside from cuddling and training, Casanova’s hobbies include playing fetch and tug. He loves toys so much, he will even greet you with his favorite toy whenever you come home from work!
* Casanova loves leash walks and is working on walking politely, as he does tend to get excited when he sees other dogs.
* Casanova enjoys affection from everyone he meets. Look elsewhere for a one person dog!
* Did we say that this dog loves everyone? We meant everyone! Casanova is even patient enough to enjoy the company of small children!

If you’ve got a hankering for something sweet without the guilty calories, Casanova’s company might be exactly what you’re looking for. Come by to meet him today and you are sure to fall in love!