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As a stray, probably abandoned, Zeus wandered onto his foster’s workplace, and his eager affection and friendliness earned him a ride home for a search for a forever home. It’s every homeless dog’s dream to meet people like you, and Zeus could be a poster dog for his love of people—and that means everyone!

* Zeus loves attention! Cuddling, hugs kisses, nuzzling, petting—you name it and Zeus will bestow that form of affection!
* Zeus likes people of all ages and he adores his foster’s six-month-old!
* Zeus likes other dogs, seeing them as an opportunity to play! He loves the dog park! He can be a bit pushy when playing so he needs a dog to match his play style.
* Zeus loves walks, and is working on his leash skills! He’s learned sit and can learn much more!
* Zeus loves playing with a ball, running and cuddling!

When you see Zeus, you will immediately notice that one of his eyes is an attractive mix of blue and brown. Next, you’ll appreciate his distinctive Catahoula spots! Most of all, you will be drawn to his enthusiastic joy of being in the moment with you! It’s a moment that could continue to rest of his life! Meet Zeus and see what a good fit he’ll be in your active life!