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Adopted as a puppy from FFL, Vic had a great life with his human. That came to a screeching halt the moment his human suffered a horrific car accident that left them in a coma. A year later and recovering from a traumatic brain injury, unable to care for Vic, it is time for Vic to become as vital a part of your life as he has been for someone else!

* Vic is extremely affectionate! He loves to sit, cuddle, lean up against, lick, and be petted and given attention by his human family.
* Vic welcomes visitors with a new toy!
* Vic is house and crate trained and so well-behaved, he could be left alone for a while!
* Vic knows sit, stay and come, and is working on lay down!
* Vic is good during thunderstorms, yet afraid of bicycles and probably skateboards – just hasn’t been socialized to them.

Vic is friendly and fully of energy! He loves going for walks, runs and trips to the dog park! While at the park, Vic likes to check in with you every so often. Vic loves meeting new people—men, women and kids--and warms up to them quickly! Vic loves his human family and likes to follow or be near you, and go on car rides! Vic is exactly what you want in a dog, and because he was the perfect dog for someone else makes him ideal for you! Meet Vic and find out for yourself how wonderful he is!