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Piper hasn’t quite found her perfect fit and holds on to the hope that they will find her and whisk her away into the family of her dreams!

Well-deserved devotion. The smart ones are always a little cautious at first and Piper is no different. Introduce yourself or other dogs slowly and you’ll see those walls break down and pull you into her circle of trust! Once there, Piper will adore you to pieces and becomes very attuned to you. She likes feeling secure and will stay close and love on you. She plays wonderfully with her doggie foster brother and shares her toys and treats. Piper also likes to explore a yard and squeeze in naps during the day!

Scholarly Dog. Spectacularly intelligent, Piper has “sit” and “down” as far as commands go, but with some treats, she should easily learn more. She’s crate-trained but does not like the crate. However, she’s housetrained and so good home alone you may not need her to use one! Just give her a little walk in the morning and play time in the evening and she’s satisfied. Car rides only mean new adventures and a good brushing makes her feel nice.

Needs sense of security.
Piper needs to warm up to anyone new, especially men (no offense, guys!) so it’s best to do slow introductions until she’s ready. She needs to dine separately from other animals and frightens easily if there’s activity or noise happening while she’s trying to eat. Piper prefers the really nice, juicy and flavorful treats if you want her attention. She’s working on her leash manners but can be very committed going after a squirrel, dog or other item of interest!

Offer Piper a calm home with a sense of security, filled with love and you’ll give her the life of her dreams. You’ll get so much in return!