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Want nothing more than someone who loves you dearly where you can return the affection? You’ve just rolled into the Kiki spot!

Belly ready! Somehow, there is so much lovable cuddles and affectionate packed into this lady! Kiki simply LOVES and relishes in attention. When she sees you and and is excited, she’ll immediately lay on her back and give you her belly for lots of chest and belly rubbing! She wants nothing more that to show love and to receive that she has trouble containing her excitement when you’re close! Of course, petting is indeed a must. Kiki loves walks almost as much as she loves people!

Ready-made manners. Kiki is so impressive that you can take her nearly anyway. Her happy nature, and simple desire to please you makes her so easy! Dog-friendly restaurant? Your loyal companion will be well behaved! That truly is not all. Let’s add, house-trained, crate-trained, awesome leash manners, and the commands sit, come, paw, and (almost) crate!

Those extra quirks. Despite the fact that Kiki is so friendly and loving with people, she doesn’t quite hold the same demeanor with other dogs and cats. They seem to frighten her. However, a little comfort and assurance and she may come around! She also doesn’t seem understand the concept of toys, so they just kind of sit there.

Kiki has some energy so a yard is pretty spectacular! But hey, as long as she gets a ton of walks, she won’t try to expend that energy on a shoe! If you need someone who loves to show you how much she loves you, and you return the favor, Kiki is surely for you!