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Do you work from home and need a calico assistant? Or, are you retired or home a lot and need a calico companion to hold and snuggle throughout the day? Does the soft purr of a kitten make you smile? Then Agatha may be the cat for you.

After struggling with some esophagus issues as a baby kitten, Agatha has settled into a feeding routine that suits her well and she is thriving. Now she just needs to find an adopter that can continue that routine so that she can finally have a forever home. Agatha’s routine: multiple small meals per day of wet food (no dry food or treats).

Agatha scores an A+ in the following subjects:
• Litterbox
• Sharing toys with other cats
• Meeting strangers
• Being held!

In fact, she loves being with people so much that she will purr constantly to let you know.

Does Agatha sound like the cat for you? What are you waiting for? Submit an application and come meet her!