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Watch Padina's Video

Padina used to be tied up outside in a not-so-great home until she chewed her way through the leash and escaped to freedom. It wasn’t easy on her teeth but will worth the ticket for the good life which can easily be seen in her grateful personality!

Gentle and sweet! It is amazing Padina is as great of a dog as she is considering the situation she came from. Padina has shown no aggression (vocally or physically) to any animals or people and seems to want to get along great with everyone. In fact, she’s super delicate in how she approaches new people and animals, but is quick to accept them.

Ready-made ideal behavior. It’s amazing how considerate she is in all these new things she is learning. For example, she will simply lay down if it is not a good petting time. Her most excited behavior is having her butt wiggle along with her tail but she always keeps her paws on the floor. She walks next to you on a leash rather than pulling and she learned “kennel” in a couple of days and goes in right away. She is housetrained and does her best to stay that way!

Help her be a dog! Although her skepticism towards humans fades every day, the appreciation and respect for those that show her love and safety hasn’t dwindled at all. Padina didn’t seem to know what it meant to be a pet, get a treat, go for a walk, be indoors, be fed on a schedule, or pretty much anything most dogs with a good home take for granted. But she is learning quickly and loving every step of the way down her new path.

After such a rough start to life, Padina is ready to accept love and care from her forever family. She belongs with you! Her gentle and sweet nature makes her easy to love and want to care for her!