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B-Dubz is the most adorable special needs kitten who ever lived. And he might not have lived if he had not ended up at Friends For Life. Why? Because unlike traditional shelters, FFL believes that kittens with special needs deserve to live and have a forever home as much as any other cat.

B-Dubz’ mobility issues do not slow him down one bit. He eats and potties on his own. He’s a happy kitten who likes to play and socialize. And, he’s currently seeking members to his club (ie. his forever family) – the B-Dubz Club.

Join the B-Dubz Club and enjoy these member benefits:
Earn purr-points every time you hold B-Dubz. The more you pet him, the more he purrs!
Be greeted with the B-Dubz Boogie Woogie. This is the adorable dance B-Dubz does when he sees his favorite human – that’s YOU!
Bond with B-Dubz. He loves spending time in the baby-sling. Don’t worry if you don’t have one. We can show you how to make one!
A friend for the whole family. B-Dubz gets along well with kids, cats and dogs!
Have dinner with a friend. B-Dubz’ special needs don’t get in the way. He eats soft food all by himself from his favorite plate! He even potties on his pad without making a mess!
Get a good night’s sleep. B-Dubz is quiet as a mouse, except for his 140 horsepower motor!