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Not too much, not too little. That’s right. Darla is just right! Whatever your desires for your canine companion, Darla will prove why dogs are man’s best friend.

Winning personality. Darla charms everyone from human to canine with her friendly, playful and affectionate behavior! She plays well with others and when home, she is calm, especially around people. Cuddling, petting, and chewing toys are amazing home activities! Once it all said and done, she sleeps and doesn’t bother yours!

Ready-made manners. Darla just can’t seem to turn the perfection off. If you want a perfectly well-behaved dog, Darla has you covered! Throw anything at her, like crates, leashes, baths, or staying home alone, you’ll find that she’s already got it down. As far as commands she already knows, sit, stay, and no are already in her vocabulary!

Too perfect? Darla is an amazing dog with the most amazing personality and manners. However, if you’re looking for any funny quirks, you won’t find much with her. She’s very affectionate but not completely in your face. This follows along in anything about her. She simply does not overdo anything!

Being a dog that just simply fits, Darla will be good to any home, apartment, house, or otherwise as long as she gets to be part of the family! She is that last puzzle piece to fit into your family to complete it!