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Anastasia is nothing but sweetness, sweetness, and more sweetness! If you love to indulge in sugar, Anastasia is sure dripping in that deliciousness!

Loves all of the time! Anastasia is all about affectionate turned to 100%! The closer the better, especially in your lap! Because she always has love turned on, it’s a given that she loves being close to you. This includes tons of snuggling! She’s also not picky about who gives her the pets, snugs, and hugs and welcomes everyone into her hut of love!

Such a lady. That love permeates into the Good Dog role. Anastasia is so good in the house and the car and is working on not pulling on the leash! She’s mastered the commands sit and stay and can easily learn more. She loves baths because that means more hands for petting and loads of attention from you!

Please be near. Since Anastasia loves your attention, she has a little trouble being away from you and may misplace a few items in the house while you’re gone to try to pretend you’re there. She’s also let herself out of the crate sometimes while the foster was gone but was well-behaved every time!

Anastasia easy energy makes her easy to place in any type of household! She’d prefer to have a family where someone is home often and willing to give her tons of love. If canine siblings are in order, it’s probably best that they aren’t the jealous type! Anastasia loves being the center of attention! Let’s put her smack in the middle of that family photo of yours!