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Energy is his claim, sweetness is his fame. Hansel loves his people so much that he is constantly letting you know how much he loves you! The mere thought of you not being at his side is appalling!

Pop rocks of dogs. Hansel’s youthful nature and energy is pretty evident. He’s in “teenager” mode, a fitness buff ; running is his game and he likes to spend it on long runs with his human twin or at the park with new doggie friends. He loves playing with his person and is quite a charmer. His favorite spot when he’s home is your lap. The closer to give you snuggles, cuddles, nuzzles, and kisses! He’s open to meeting nearly any new human. There are never enough friends!

Fine-tuning in progress. Hansel has a good heart. He’s housetrained and, though he might put up a little fight on the way, he settles once he’s in the car. Hansel holds a mountain of excitement in him and he’s still learning to contain himself and focus! And as some teenagers believe, baths are currently not cool to him right now.

Human contact is a must! Hansel falls in love with humans so deeply that he needs to touch them nearly all the time. He’s still growing and learning so his family will have some patience be willing to mold him into a wonderful dog with the help of FFL!

Hansel’s is best at a house with a yard to run and play and an active family. Running long and fast with his persons or playing with an active canine sibling is the family of his dreams! He’s ready to make it a reality!