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Fiddler’s easy and fun personality and ready-made manners is sure to impress you beyond your expectations. It’s time to bring him into your castle of love and companionship!

The “just-right” dog! Fiddler is every bit of what a person imagines a dog to be. He’s an active, playful and loving dog but doesn’t overdo it in any way! He loves romping around the yard with his foster sibling, playing fetch, and going for walks but quiets down when indoors. He’ll lean against you and soak up all of the pets you can give! If you stop, he’ll nudge you with his nose. Fiddler is an easy dog to get along with and loves sharing with everyone.

Built-in manners. What better way to impress you than having him already trained as well as naturally good? Besides his awesome physique and easy demeanor, Fiddler has a lot of things down like walking on a leash, using a crate and so on. He doesn’t like jumping into a car but fine after he’s inside. Though he’s good home alone, he expects a Kong when you leave and will protest if he doesn’t get one! He’s mastered commands sit, look, and touch and knows to automatically sit when you expect him to behave!

Choosy. Fiddler can be picky with his humans as he does have some stranger danger. You’ll pass the test when he starts leaning into you! Also, he can a bit mouthy when expressing his feelings so younger kids might not be a good fit!

Fiddler’s ideal home would include a yard to play in but as long as he gets plenty of outdoor play time, he’ll be fine. He prefers laidback and patient humans that have a canine sibling ready to play with him! If your profile says such, it’s time to make that match!