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The makings of a great dog inhabits this young girl. You’ll get an awesome, sweet, and loving dog. Sounds like a great thing to have in your life!

Sweet, social butterfly. Lizzie is all sweetness and full of bouncy energy. Her youthfulness is seen in her play. She has a natural ambience about her that attracts so many new friends and gets along with everyone she meets! Dog parks, yard time with doggies, tug of war, and chew toys are how she spends her energy! At home, you’ll find nothing more than lots of snuggles and cuddles from this girl! She squeeze herself right beside in the bed and snore in your ear!

Lots of potential. Lizzie is young and yet, her intelligence is pretty evident! She learns fast and more than willing to work for a treat or praise. She already knows commands sit and here and is working on mastering others! Crates work best when you give her a chewing toy to enjoy. Leash manners are getting better, especially with a front-lead harness. She’s good in car rides but will jump in the front seat to be near you!

Works in progress. Lizzie is working on her manners with dogs and people because she is a little mouthy. Nothing but a little more obedience training will help, though it’s best she isn’t homed with small children around, for now. Also, Lizzie may have been a track star in her past life because she can jump really high, even over dog gates! Lizzie has the makings of a perfect dog, she just needs a family that is patience and willing to mold her into that dream dog!

Lizzie’s puppy energy needs lots of exercise to help calm her. A yard would be awesome but if you can guarantee lots of walks during the day, an apartment will work, too! High fences are highly recommended. An active, inclusive family would be ideal!