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Athena was left behind by her owner because he moved into his girlfriend’s place and he wasn’t able to bring her along. Now his sister is helping Athena find a forever home to love her as much as she gives!

Full of love. Affection is Athena’s call to life. She will let you know how much she loves you all the time. She’ll park herself in your lap, revel in full-on cuddle sessions, and will give the cutest look of content when you pet her! Athena has such a great temperament and makes new friends wherever she goes! She’s a little unsure at first if hands reach out to her but is generally calm. Dog park visits are a must as doggie friends are always welcomed along with games of chase and sniffing butts!

Great personality, great manners! Overall, Athena wants to just please you and has awesome behavior standards. She loves walks and being on a leash is a snap for you! She’ll endure a bath but may try to escape as it’s not her favorite activity. Commands that she knows is sit, but learning more is very possible and easy!

Just those little things. Athena isn’t the biggest fan of a crate and may protest at first before settling down. Once in though, she’s great. She’s good at sharing but if there is another dog in the home, but she would rather keep the toys to herself.
Athena has pretty much everything ready-made for you! The only thing keeping this from being a fairy-tale ending is her forever family. Be her prince charming and whisk her away for her happily ever after!