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Lady is cute, sweet and affectionate! She’s also blind. Lady sees with her heart! Highly adaptable, Lady excels at learning navigational routes through your home! Once familiar, Lady knows the location of her food and water. Lady recognizes and responds to your voice to find you. She will sit at your feet or next to you on the sofa. Lady is doing well with her foster’s dog, and enjoys meeting people as long as they announce themselves! She likes to explore her environment and is curious! Lady is such a love, and you are going to find her irresistible!

* Lady loves people and meeting new people! She has not met kids, and will probably do well with older kids if they respect her limitations.
* Lady gets along with dogs, and it is good to introduce new dogs to her for her to learn their scent!
* Lady might like cats, and has yet to meet one.
* Lady can’t see toys, but might enjoy scented toys and perhaps a Kong or toy that dispenses treats!

Lady is even-tempered and easy-going, and will bark to alert a fellow dog if they are intruding on her space. Lady enjoys spending short stints of time outdoors, but is very much an indoor gal. Lady loves to be petted, scratched and be brushed just as much as she loves listening to you talk to her. Lady’s positional sense and motor memory is amazing, and she’ll show you how quickly she can remember your home’s layout! Lady is a sweetheart who deserves a home with you!