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Ever wanted to feel like the star in a superhero movie? Take Beverly home and you won’t only be a lifesaver, you will have the perfect sidekick searching for the next quest! All you will need is a camera, and some groovy filters, BOOM. Instant classic.

For the love of Dogs. She LOVES other dogs! She is the kind of girl who would shine at the dog park or doggie daycare. She runs up to other pups with such confidence, and likes to play on her back legs! She loves them so much, she would do best in another home that has other dogs. So if you have an energetic pup who you are looking for a friend to keep them busy while you are at work, this is the dog for you!

ChewChew! Beverly loves to chew, but not on your stuff! She is respectful and likes to stick to her favorites… like deer antlers! They keep her busy for hours.

Quiet Queen. I am not a huge barker, and can sit quietly in my kennel until you come home from work!

Minding Manners. One thing she is working on is moving away from mouthy puppy-like play, and into more controlled play with my humans. So far she is a fast learner and has made leaps of progress