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Meet Doubio! She’s a sweetie who starts out shy and then warms up to new people after meeting them. Doubio and two of her sisters were adopted as puppies, and her human is re-homing two of them. Three is just too many. Doubio is friendly and affectionate once she gets to know you, and she loves going for walks! There’s a world of fun out there waiting for the two of you!

* Doubio is sweet and affectionate with her human family, and will probably like older kids!
* Doubio knows sit, down, come, shake hand, leave it, to the cage, and bed time!
* Doubio is house and crate trained.
* Doubio walks well on a leash.
* Doubio likes to run and play with other dogs!

Doubio has good indoor manners, and she will let you know if someone comes up to your door! Doubio behaves very well with people, and enjoys meeting them while out for a walk! Doubio will come to you when you call her name! Doubio is a beautiful dog with a beautiful heart who just needs someone to share that heart with! Maybe you’re the one!