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Once upon a time in the not so distant past, five remarkably friendly and adorable puppies were discarded on the side of a rural road. Much to their surprise, a kindly fairy godmother appeared and rescued them from certain disaster! Dwight, Joey, Nellie, Finn and Hollie were taken to the vet, checked out, and received their vaccinations, so they are ready to meet and greet you and make you want to take all of them home! There’s going to be a lot to love about Dwight, because he is estimated to mature to a fairly large dog! What it really means is that it will be ever so much easier for you to wrap your arms around and hug him!

* Dwight is best friend material—friendly, affectionate and happy!
* Dwight is ready for puppy kindergarten and will learn quickly!
* Dwight is cuter than his siblings!
* Dwight is smarter than his siblings!

Meet Dwight! You’re going to love him, and he’s going to love you right back! This is where you and Dwight live happily ever after! Where’s the car? It’s time to go home!