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Not only does this handsome boy absolutely love to play, he is also very affectionate and wants nothing more than to be a part of whatever you happen to be doing. Chaplin can be a bit shy when introduced to new people, but give him some time and he'll show you how good a boy he truly is.
* Chaplin is an excellent student, eagerly picking up new commands in no time at all. He currently knows: Sit, Down, Shake, Wait, Come, Where's your toy?, Find it, Relax, Touch, Gotcha, In your house, and Drop it.

* Did I say he loves to play? If you are looking for a playmate or jogging partner, Chaplin is your guy. He thrives with an active lifestyle. His favorite toy? The almighty tennis ball, and maybe the occasional squeaker or tug toy. Catching and fetching balls/frisbees is his forte, and he's always game. 

*He's a cuddle bug to the max. Make no mistake, Chaplin is always looking for an opportunity to hop up on the couch/bed with you. He simply loves to snuggle and be near you.

* He is a gentleman. Chaplin is house/kennel trained and walks wonderfully on leash. Car rides are also a breeze with Chaplin, often he curls up for a nap until we make our destination.  

* Chaplin gets along well with other dogs. He thinks of himself as something of a ladies man. Not only does he like other dogs, but he also quite fond of older children as well. 
There are so many wonderful qualities about this handsome boy, it's impossible to list them all. The only thing he is lacking is a home where he can get the love and care he deserves. His future person will be a lucky one indeed!