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Edina is a sweet little gal who is one of eleven small dogs taken to a local shelter before getting this chance to meet you and show you how she can make your life better! Edina is shy at first, before showing you how friendly and cheerful she is! Edina will be your constant companion, giving you the benefit of her entertaining personality and loyalty that far exceeds her size!

* Edina is affectionate, cuddly and loves her human family! She should do well with older children that understand how to handle her.
* Edina likes other dogs! She has not met cats.
* Edina can easily live in an apartment and won’t need a ton of exercise!
* Edina is small and should travel well!

Edina is ready and waiting to meet you, your family and friends! Bring them all, because Edina has an extended family that wants to meet them too! Imagine how fun it would be if your friends came with you and all of you adopted dogs that already know and like each other. How much fun you’ll have getting together with your family of dogs! Even if that idea doesn’t work out, Edinais a dog you’ll want to meet and spend your life with!