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Five adorable pups that look almost identical! How do you choose between Baldrik, Ekhard, Fritz, Garvyn and Hanz? Why, meet them, of course! Each of these little guys is cuter than the other and all have friendly, upbeat personalities you can’t help but love! Spend some time with each of them, and one is sure to be the puppy that fits your personality!

Baldrik enjoys the company of his human family and his canine family, including his foster’s dog, and likes to play with the pups and the adult dog! Baldrik is young, and can be trained to do well with cats in case you have feline members of your family! Baldrik is smart, so he will quickly learn house and crate training, as well as how to walk on a leash! The only limit to what Baldrik is willing to learn is you, so if you create a lifetime of learning opportunities, Baldrik is going to amaze and enchant everyone he meets!

Baldrik and his brothers survived Parvo virus but sadly one sibling didn’t make it. Baldrik is happy and healthy and will live a normal life, and his experience shows why it is important for pet guardians to vaccinate their furry friends!

Meet sweet Baldrik! If he isn’t your perfect match, one of his brothers will be!