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Leighton was born under someone’s house to a stray mom. Momma dog must have been pretty smart in her choice of birthing places, because her babies are on their way to a fantastic forever with you! Leighton is super chill and laid-back—about as easy-going as they come! She’s cuddly and friendly, which serves her well since he is living with toddlers and doing great with them! Leighton will be a wonderful family dog, couple’s dog, or simply your best friend! Leighton simply wants a home with someone who loves her and she can be as special to them as they are to her!

* Leighton loves people of all ages! She’s sweet, affectionate and a total love bug!
* Leighton likes other dogs, and may like cats when she meets them!
* Leighton is smart and is eager to learn!
* Leighton will always give you endless kisses and devotion!

Whether it’s you or your child laughing or giggling at Leighton’s silly antics, the sound is musically joyful and great for your well-being! Watching Leighton grow, spending time with her and teaching her all the skills she’ll need to know will give you a lifetime filled with happiness and contentment. There’s nothing like the love of a good dog, and Leighton is the epitome of a very good dog—your dog!