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Bella was found with a litter of eight puppies! Apparently, being a mom has given her a great sense of what a loving family member should be. She’s ready for her home full of love!

The perfect family dog. Bella is as elegant and sweet as her name suggests! She’s got the perfect amount of patience for small, infant humans, love and care that flows endlessly with everyone she comes in contact with, and the right amount and type of play that everyone longs for. She loves
playing with dogs, is very social and will say hi to everyone. Freshly mowed grass calls for a nice roll to soak in that wonderful smell! At home, she loves cuddling with her humans and canine family, and likes being close to her human baby foster sibling.

Everything you’ve dreamed about? Yes, Bella is just practically perfect. She comes already trained and with a natural ability to simply live with humans. She knows the commands sit and wait, walks flawlessly on a leash, and is simply well-behaved. She doesn’t seem to know how to displease her people!

Open door, open adventure! Bella does have a knack for taking advantage of an adventure. You will need to make sure your fence is secure as Bella is a bit of an escape artist. Cats also seem to draw the same kind of adventurous nature to play in a game of chase!

Naturally, Bella’s model dog-ness means she will fit into any kind of loving home that offers nothing more than love and play. Bella is guaranteed to make you realize you could never live without her!