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Millie’s previous owner moved into a new chapter in her life and found that she was unable to take her along in this new adventure. She’s now sniffing out a new home!

Family first! Millie loves to soak in plenty of love from her family. You’ll find her hanging out in her crate or bed, and your lap as often as possible, and she’s up for just as many snuggle and cuddles sessions! She gets along with her younger foster brother, but they don't play much. New people or dogs will lead to a very vocal Millie until she meets them properly and gets to know them before showing her love! She has met many dogs in the neighborhood & beginning to be more comfortable with most dogs her size. Walks and backyard fun is her way of exercise!

Miss Good Dog! Millie knows the commands sit, down, go to your room (her kennel), and go upstairs. She’s is a fan of the crate and willingly goes to her crate when she needs extra security. She is house broken and has been allowed in to roam in the kitchen and entry way of her foster home. Her leash manners are mostly good except for her initial excitement of squirrels and pigeons! Baths aren’t the most pleasant experience for her and she’ll sulk through it but will allow you to do your thing.

Hear her sound! Millie is quite vocal and will sound a constant alarm when there are unfamiliar people or dogs in the home, especially when she can’t see or say hi to them.! She will need comfort from her family letting her know it’s okay!

The family best suited for Millie is patient, loving, and okay with Millie’s vocalizations! She simply just wants to enjoy living the rest of her life loved, cared for, and at home in your lap!