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Eli is a smart, good-looking guy who’s laid-back and likes everybody, so why did his owner leave him to the mercy of Houston’s streets? We’ll never know, but we DO know that Eli will fit in perfectly with your family. Eli knows many commands, loves people of all ages, as well as their dogs and cats, and he’s simply a great guy to have around! Eli personifies the word ‘affectionate.’ You’ll get all the love, attention, cuddling and closeness you want! Eli likes to play and fetch toys, and he is awesome when you take him for walks. Eli is definitely your must-meet dog of the week.

* Eli is super affectionate and loves all people, adores other dogs, and gets along with cats
* Eli is house trained and is great on-leash!
* Eli knows sit, stay (most of the time), he heels, will fetch and will always come!
* Eli loves to play fetch and jump with the flirt stick, which is a fun training device! He eagerly seeks play time with other dogs!
* Eli has not had good experiences with crates, and needs training and rewards to learn that a crate is a good thing. He’s smart, and can learn this!

Eli's happiest being close to his favorite person. On walks, Eli has been known to chase after a cat, but not aggressively and leaves the foster’s cat alone. So, Eli wants a human best friend or family that he can love for the rest of his life! Won’t you be Eli’s family?