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Chief is such a tough name for a such a kind and sweet dog but that is exactly what he is. He is the epitome of gentle!

Sweet gentleman. Chief simply makes anyone fall in love with him as soon as you look into his eyes. They show the sweetest and purest soul you’ll ever see. He’s gentle and mild-tempered and loves to love and cuddle with you. Your lap is the most awesome spot and he will also bury his head in your arms for a nap. He loves people so much he always wants to be with his humans. He loves running around in the backyard or just simply soaking in the rays. Chief loves new friends of all types, and doesn’t discriminate!

Gentlemanly manners. Chief wants nothing more than to make you happy and that includes making sure he’s a perfect gentleman for you! He’s crate-trained, has good leash manners, and doesn’t bat an eye at car rides, bathing, brushing or being left home alone. He’s working on the commands sit and house and can easily learn more. His house-training is nearly perfect but he tends to like to drink water so getting out often to do his deed is necessary.

Cute kinks. Chief loves food and may swipe anything within reach and unattended! He’s also an explorer and will sniff out every room he has access to, so if there’s a room he shouldn’t be in, make sure the door is closed! He loves people and gets a little excited and may jump up on them when looking for attention but in a loving way.

Chief’s best home with be one with a fenced yard for a nice romp and soak in the sun! Since he’s a human shadow, having a family member home often would be amazing as well as plenty of snuggle sessions in general! Chief will surely show your family the meaning of unconditional love and support!