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Harriet came to FFL during Harvey pregnant and ready to burst with puppies, eight in all! They have all found forever homes and now it’s momma’s turn!

Cuddles master. Needless to say, Harriet’s most favorite thing to do is a cuddle fest with her human! Love must simply be expressed all the time and in close proximity. She’s super sweet and affectionate, even to her infant human foster sibling! Harriet’s second best activity is playing fetch as she still has tons of youthful energy. More people and dogs to meet? No problem! Harriet loves making new friends and shows how much of a people dog she is!
Adult-ing well. Harriet is perfecting her skills to impress her humans. She’s already won honors in the command sit and handling bath time. Housetraining and being good home alone are where she’s ironing out the last wrinkle. Her leash manners could use a little work but it’s hard containing her excitement when she’s out! She’s never been crated but has done pretty good in a gated area.
Loves to be close. Because Harriet loves being close to her human, she can have a bit of a neediness for attention and may bark when left alone. She’s also young and excitable and is working on her habit of jumping up on people. She’s great home alone but may destroy a toy or a dog bed if she gets little bored. Car rides are a bit scary for her and she just wants to be close to you!

A house with a yard has made Harriet very happy but she seems like she’ll adjust well in any home as long as she gets a lot of love and park time. She loves parking herself in your lap so a family of cuddlers would be wonderful! Bring home your bag of endless snuggles!