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Starbuck is an unabashedly sweet, affectionate puppy who was abandoned when she was only four weeks old! Starbuck is such a cutie, and the sooner you meet her, the sooner you’ll both be happier together!

Starbuck is an intelligent pup who is doing great with sit, stay, down, come, release and leave it! She is crate trained and doing well with house training! As she matures, Starbuck will pick up even more skills and tricks. Starbuck is expected to mature to a medium sized dog, which makes her exactly the pup you’re looking for! Starbuck is programmed to love you! She’ll love you because you love her back and do such a great job of taking care of her! Starbuck learns quickly because she wants to please you!

Starbuck is a playful, social pup who would love to meet you and play with you, and then joyfully ride off into the rest of your life!