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What a rough road Maureen has had to travel throughout her young life! Unwanted as a pup, she eventually found a home that was taken away when her family fell victim to Harvey and was no longer able to care for her. Lastly, because vaccinations were not kept up to date, she fell ill with distemper, but because of supportive care though Friends For Life and her strong, perky spirit, she survived. Despite the struggles she’s faced, Maureen has retained her fun, affectionate, loyal personality.

What makes Maureen super special:
* She’s got great house manners! While Maureen hasn’t had a ton of crate experience, she is house trained and not destructive, so can take her time learning to be comfortable in a crate.
* She has a ton of fun playing with other dogs! Maureen gets along best with friendly, easy-going dogs. Like any lady, she needs a proper introduction to a new friend, then it’s off to the races!
* Maureen is a super loving, affectionate, snuggly dog and gives full-blown hugs to her lucky friends.
* She’s an extremely faithful companion. One thing about Maureen is that she cares about the safety of her family and home. She’d prefer a quiet home without too many visitors and visitors must be introduced to her, so that she knows that they are no danger to her loved ones.
* One thing that hasn’t suffered from her past is Maureen’s adorable looks! Big, expressive ears and a little stubby tail give her the endearing look of a canid bunny rabbit!

Please come visit Maureen today to give her a chance at a place in your family! We promise that she won’t depress you with sad stories, but instead will brighten all your days together with hugs and happy bunny hops.