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One look in those eyes and you’ll find someone who’s fallen in love with you!

Loving and loyal. Jenson adores his human and is always keeping a watchful eye on you. You’ll find him following you around, curious as to what you’re up to, and wanting to be part of the action. He’ll cuddle with you, despite his size, and enjoys giving and receiving affection. He loves constant contact and getting petted but he’s also okay with laying by himself nearby. Jenson is a light sleeper and appears to always be on alert. He only eats out of necessity unless there’s meat or other human food available. Not to shy away from new friends, Jenson will happily greet anyone but he needs to do a proper introductory sniff with a new canine buddy.

Can’t get enough? Just wait! Jenson is an overall good guy, and knows to mind his manners around humans, though not perfect. First off, he’s housetrained and is good home alone in a crate, though, he’s not a fan of the crate. You’ll find him respond to “sit” and his leash manners are okay unless there’s distractions, especially if he spots a potential new canine to greet!

Big baby. In every sense of the word, Jenson is a physically large dog but is, oh, so sweet! He doesn’t always realize his size and strength and will need to continue training on manners in greeting and play. Still young, he’ll need activity and regular energy expenditure for him to be happy. Jenson can be a little whiny in new environments or in a car, but if you give him some time, he’ll settle and will be okay.

For Jenson, yards for exploring and an active family with older kids to enjoy activities with is all he asks for in life! That and cuddles! You need Jenson in your life as much as he needs you!