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Henry is just a low-key shy guy that just needs a comfortable retirement!

Chilled out sweetness. Henry’s timid nature just needs a little patience to get him to come out of his shell. Once out, you’ll find a laid back, very affectionate, cuddly little guy that can’t get enough of spending time in your lap or leaning up against you! New friends are cool in humans, dogs, and cats alike but he doesn’t seek them out. He’ll soak up all the love you shower on him and wants to sleep snuggled up against you. Henry will share his valuables with his humans but doesn’t care for other dogs to get closed to his food or be too hyper.

Gentlemanly. Henry has all of his appropriate manners expected of someone from the heyday. Walking on a leash or taking a bath are easy with him. He’s never been in a crate but he’s so good when he’s home alone, it doesn’t matter! Henry knows his name and the word “come”. If he needs to take care of business, he will go to the door to indicate he needs to go!

Curious boy. Thunderstorms kind of freak Henry out and he will seek some comfort. He also gets caught up in his curiosity and may take advantage of an open door for a quick adventure!

Henry has always had a quiet home and he’s quite accustomed to it. It’s best that his new home offers the same quietness and love that’s he’s had all of his life. If you’re at a more settled pace in your life and just need someone to relax with, you’ll find your spirit animal in Henry!