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Chevelle isn’t merely a puppy! She’s a classic puppy! Chevelle and her seven siblings were born to a stray mom rescued by someone who restores classics cars, so cars—puppies—classic car puppies! Chevelle’s mom weighs 35 pounds and her dad may have been larger, so she is expected to mature between 35 to 50 lbs. at maturity. Chevelle thinks this is a great medium size you’ll like! Chevelle is cute, sweet, playful, active and likes to take naps! Chevelle loves people and will especially love you!

* Chevelle is ready to start learning basic commands and house training!
* Chevelle is a smart pup and will learn everything you teach her, and treat rewards really help!
* Chevelle likes other dogs!
* At this early age, Chevelle should be able to get along with cats!

Chevelle will be your best friend and will always love you! Chevelle will never tell you that she’s heard that before! Chevelle will always be ready for love and affection! Chevelle can be forever yours and all you have to do is meet her first to seal the deal!