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Macchiato’s mother was at the park when she accidentally began her journey to motherhood. Macchiato is one of her puppies and she’s looking forward to meeting you! Macchiato is a good-looking girl who will be a wonderful addition to your family! Macchiato likes people and is very playful! She likes other dogs and has not met cats, so they are a possibility! Macchiato is sure to love kids and having a yard to play with them! Macchiato loves cuddling and being close to you, and that includes sleeping with you! It’s easy to picture your future when Macchiato is part of it!
Macchiato can be shy at first and then warms up to show her affectionate, playful personality!

Macchiato likes people and other dogs!
Macchiato knows sit, stay and stop! She’s learning more every day!
Macchiato loves to play tug of war with people or dogs!

Macchiato is a polite dog who listens to you! Macchiato’s a cuddle bug with a happy go lucky attitude who loves being around humans and playing with them! Meet Macchiato and see how quickly she’ll turn into the lovable cuddlebug she really is!