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Cooper’s mother was at the park when she accidentally began her journey to motherhood. This good-looking chap is one of her puppies and he’s looking forward to meeting you!

Know only joy. After an initial shyness, you’ll see an abundance of affection pour from this fella and he’ll accept all of yours in return! Cooper is all about enjoying life and loves all and expects love in all of the world! He thrives in spending time with you and would love to have a doggie sibling to not only play with, but to also help teach him how to “dog”. Cooper is active and loves playing outside and going on walks. Indoors, he loves tug of war games with, toys to chew on while in “sploot” mode, and tons of cuddles!

Eager to please. Cooper is still a growing and learning boy but he’s doing remarkable! You’ll find that he’ll do anything for food and lots of praise! Crating has not been any issue for him, especially when he has toys to chew on. A blanket is put over the crate at night to let him know when it’s bedtime. He’s also mastered some commands like “sit”, “down”, and “in” for crate time. He’s working on his leash manners and is generally good but it’s hard to contain that excitement when a possible new doggie friend is near!

Squirrel?! Being a pup, his attention span isn’t completely focused sometimes but he’s improving with continual training. He’s also still in the mouthy, jumpy phase which can be easily corrected with consistent training and patience to allow him to mature! He does great with dogs but needs a formal doggie sniff when meeting someone new. Having a doggie sibling to teach him how to be a good dog would be amazing!

Cooper has a lot of bounce in him and a family that’s active and inclusive would be great! Patience and consistent training will ensure he’ll grow into a great adult. Cooper is too easy to love and too hard to leave behind!