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Cooper’s mother was at the park when she accidentally began her journey to motherhood. Good-looking Cooper is one of her puppies and he’s looking forward to meeting you! Cooper likes people and he wants to play with them! He likes other dogs and has not met cats, so they are a possibility! Cooper loves cuddling and being close to you, and that includes sleeping with you! Cooper is a dog you can envision yourself with now and ten years from now!

-Cooper is sometimes shy at first and then warms up to show how affectionate and playful he is!
-Cooper likes people and other dogs!
-Cooper knows sit, stay and stop! He is learning more every day!
-Cooper is working on his leash skills!
-Cooper loves to play tug of war with people or dogs!

Cooper is a big, loyal teddy bear who loves to run and play! He’s adventurous and smart, as he learned to go up and down a ramp at the dog park by himself! Cooper enjoys playing in puddles and may be a guy who enjoys swimming! Cooper likes to run, follow you around the house and most of all—cuddle with you! Cooper has so much to share with you, so please come by to meet him!