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Pongo is the sweetest and cutest dog you’ll ever meet! Pongo has come a long way since being found on the side of the road, emaciated and barely alive. Loving care and veterinary treatment have done much for Pongo, and he has adapted well to his new living situation. Pongo is living with dogs and cats and gets along with all of them. Pongo enjoys meeting people and likes everyone! He responds to his name and seeks out every opportunity for attention! Pongo is a low-maintenance guy who loves to hang out with his human family and would love living with someone who works from home or is retired. Pongo is not just special; he’s a miracle!

Pongo loves being petted and getting attention from people.
Pongo’s lack of vision doesn’t hold him back.
Pongo likes other dogs and cats.
Pongo is almost completely house trained and is crate trained.
Pongo likes going out into the yard and soaking up some sun.
Pongo is great when left alone even if not crated.

Pongo has had a very rough life so far. He is such a fantastic dog that it’s difficult to understand how people can be so cruel, but the greatest part is that Pongo survived and will get a second chance at life with you! Pongo knows how to give love and amazingly, he trusts people to take care of him. Pongo deserves the very best in life, and you are the perfect person to give that to him!