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Biscuit doesn’t understand why his family did not take him with them when they left. Discovered alone by a neighbor, he was rescued and taken in to FFL to help him find a new family!

The family man. If you’re still looking for that shy, sweet guy that loves you unconditionally, is great with kids, and is unbelievingly kind and loving, you have found him in Biscuit! He’s your sensitive guy that likes to share his food or toys, and lots of love. He’s amazing with everyone he meets, right down to the last child and feline. His gentle and bright nature is sure to warm you heart in lots of affectionate touches. He’s an outdoorsy type and relishes a romp in the sunshine by your side!

Needs a little more love. Biscuit is a sweet dog but his family never taught how to be man’s best friend. He’s confused as to what a leash is, where the bathroom is, and does not know commands but he’s picking on those pretty quick! He gives you no problems for bath time but he’s pretty adamant about not going in a crate. He’s open to learning so give him your time to teach him and he’ll do anything to please you!

Smells good! Biscuits loves anything that smells like you and may grab something to sniff and nibble on! You may notice a shoe or a shirt missing and find them with Biscuit. It’s his way of enjoying you when you’re not around! He is scared to see you leave without him because he doesn’t know if you’re coming back! Biscuit also likes to take unexpected adventures if there is a door or a gate open!

It’s clear to see that Biscuit will fit in anywhere that has a loving and family home. It’s best that he has a family that doesn’t travel much so he can maximize his time with you! These kind of guys don’t cross your path without you wanting to take a chance! Biscuit needs you in his life!