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Terry thought a salvage yard was the best place to feel safe and make a home for her litter of puppies. They were brought FFL for a better chance. The puppies have found homes and now it’s her turn!

Never too much love. Who says you can’t enough cuddles and affectionate rubs? Terry says never! She loves attention and will always ask for love. She’s a sweet lady who can’t seem to get enough of the outdoors! Exploration games, people, and doggie friends are the best things ever!

Ms. Manners. Terry is an educated woman and likes to show off her good skills in being housebroken, leash walking, and car rides. She’s knows “sit”, “lay down”, and “watch me”. She’s has never been crated but doesn’t soil in the home.

Work in Progress. Terry loves anything that smells interesting and trash cans offer the most inviting aromas, so it’s best to make sure they are out of reach. Needless to say, she loves food and requires individual dining. She’s a bit fearful of thunderstorms so she’ll go and hide. A reassuring word will help!

Being an outdoorsy lady, Terry will LOVE a yard. If you’ve got one, there’s already a big plus! Now if you can’t simply stop physically expressing your PDA for your furry friend, Terry will happily join in on the snuggles game!