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Koba’s rescuer describes her as the greatest puppy ever encountered! Koba likes meeting people and likes children, most dogs and even cats! Clearly, Koba should be the puppy you’d most like to meet! Koba deserves a loving home and life with you.

Koba is loving and affectionate and a great cuddle bunny! She likes people of all ages.
Koba likes dogs and cats. She used to play with her rescuer’s cats!
Koba is crate trained and walks well on a leash!
Koba is learning sit, touch and down (lay down) and doing wonderfully with the first two.
Koba loves to play with stuffed and rubber toys.
Koba is often found snoozing below her foster’s desk chair when work is happening!

When you go for walks with Koba, she is cooperative and takes direction well! If you walk by a cat, Koba will walk right past them. If she encounters a large dog, Koba can be intimidated and is working on this. Similarly, Still a bit wary, Koba is learning that big men are friendly as well and she warms up quickly. Koba has met people from young children to oldsters with walkers and has been sweet with all of them! Koba is going to be an awesome addition to your family!