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Lucy has the cutest, sweetest face, along with a matching personality! Lucy is playful and active, enjoying walks with you, and maybe running and jogging too. Lucy loves people of all ages, dogs and cats! There has been no one so far that Lucy doesn’t like—human or animal! Lucy is very affectionate and sweet, showing you her love at every opportunity. You’ll love Lucy as much as she will love you.

Lucy loves people from toddlers on up, and she wants them to know it!
Lucy likes dogs and cats and wants to play with them.
Lucy is smart and knows come, sit, no and go potty.
Lucy does well on leash and enjoys walks.
Lucy is crate trained.

If Lucy were a mathematical equation, she would be Lucy=Love! Lucy appreciates the people in her life and has a need to give her love to a family she loves. Ideally, that family will be you or yours! When you take that step to meet Lucy, you’ll be making not only a friend, but family!