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Dreyfuss is a beautiful grey tabby with soft tan undertones on his chin, forearms, and chest.

When he first came to the shelter he was very young & active, but fearful of hands; we’re not sure why. Now he has really grown into a confident young man who’s comfortable in his own skin (uh, coat that is), rarely looks oddly at hands any more, really enjoys polite petting, and brings a sophisticated presence to any room. He’s also a learner, has a great “brother” instinct, and provides quiet support to some new females as they’ll sleep under (or next to) him on his floor perch while they gain confidence.

Alert, solid, and playful, he knows how to curiously work a room “making the rounds”, but he isn’t high energy. He loves to “sphinx” or cross his forearms straight out (which is rare), which tells us he’s really content. When he sees dogs he gets into an endearing low-crouch mode that almost looks like he’s more ready to pounce on them rather than run  , so it’s something we could assess further if you like our boy and need more information about dog compatibility. Dreyfuss is a delightful, well-rounded young cat who likes to “check everyone out” and we think he would bond well to an individual (or family) which has a normal amount of activity. Come check him out today!