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Vangie looks so regal peeking out from behind the green door! Check out her fantastic markings and beautiful eyes. Vangie has never had a family, but she knows exactly the kind she would like. Because she is quite shy, Vangie will bloom slowly being part of a quiet, calm and patient family where she is the only pet, at least initially. She needs time and space to build a trusting relationship with her family.

Right now, Vangie likes to sit some distance away from humans so she can observe them. If she is approached too quickly she will probably swat you with her paws, but not with claws. She does not appreciate petting just yet; that is something that is in her future. Vangie likes playing with wand toys, cat teasers and springs; when she is "tuckered out" she will find a closed in area or a high perch so she can curl up, nap and refresh.

Vangie is a quiet and independent kitty who is looking for her forever humans who will love her patiently so she can love them back. Are you willing to give beautiful Vangie a chance to win your heart and you a chance to win hers? If you are, fill out an application and get the process started.