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When you’ve only known one place of comfort in the world but it’s suddenly gone away, you’re sure to have trouble trusting again. But you know you have a good heart and will show it to those who work for it!

Introverts give lots of love! Roxy is a shy girl that is hesitant around new people but will start being braver when she becomes more comfortable and it’ll unleash a very sweet personality! Roxy is pretty athletic and has a lot of energy for play and running at the park but she’s a perfect lady in the house and likes being close to her person, be it on the sofa, chair, or bed! She’ll be right by your feet while you sleep!

Great brain power! What a great lady Roxy is! She learned how to ring her foster’s bell at the back door when needing to go outside for business and figured out where the toy box was on her own. She’s perfecting her commands to “sit”, “touch”, “shake”, and “down” and it’s clear she’ll learn more quickly. When she notices her people are leaving the house, she’ll immediately go to her kennel. She’s well-behaved at home and adores rides in cars. Her leash manners are pretty good and perfection is just a step away!

A Dog’s Dog Roxy’s favorite thing is playing with other dogs. A doggy sibling that can match her love of play is key. A doggie friend also helps Roxy with her fear of going too far from home on a walk. Sometimes she gets so involved in her play that she doesn’t always come when called!

Give patience, comfort, encouragement, play time, and love, and you’ll have the best relationship with Roxy!